February 15, 2019



  • fertile, developing, challenging
  • West Africa is now at a stage of development where the Asian Tigers were 30 years ago.
  • Despite the global crisis, African countries continue to show strong GDP growth.
  • Political stability is now the norm, with growth in middle classes keeping politics ‘honest’.
  • Growing and young populations underpin long term economic growth and consumer demand
  • Government incentives to attract Foreign Direct Investment and indigenise manufacturing


  • dynamic, enterprising, leadingStrong economic growth despite the US/European economic problems
  • US/Euro slowdown is forcing Asian governments and exporters to refocus on Emerging markets
  • Asian governments focused on developing trade with Africa as last great investment opportunity
  • Strong domestic demand enables good basis to develop into overseas markets
  • Private equity style of investing relatively alien concept


  • Experienced, resolute, creative uncertainty about government debt, deficits, the EURO means slow growth and consumption levels.
  • Banks continue to hoard capital despite government pressure to increase lending
  • SME’s are most acutely hit by the twin pressures of reduced access to capital and reduced demand
  • SME’s are a critical engine of growth, employment and income generation to most economies